The philosophy at RB Health is one of involvement, knowledge and partnership between the participants and our health care team.

We believe that the issues of health are as complex as the human being itself.

The Centers for Progressive Supplements, Nutritional and Preventive Natural Medicine approach wellness and health as a whole mind/body phenomenon unique to each individual.

We recognize people as individuals, and we consider each person’s complexity when creating a personal wellness/treatment regimen.

We maintain an openness in our approach to caring for our clients, and believe that listening to our clients is the first step in healing.

We are committed to providing our readers with a new level of health awareness and bringing new perspectives and possibilities to the quest for wellness.

We have developed this philosophy into the concept of Progressive Natural Medicine.

Progressive Medicine is a unifying approach to health care which expands the medical model by combining the best of conventional health treatment with the best alternative therapies.

Our objective is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and the promotion of wellness.

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