HyperGH 14X – Does This GH Product Work?

With a name like HyperGH14X, this is one releaser that just might quickly catch your attention. After all, you might immediately think it is 14x better than every other product on the market. We have to say we can consider an assessment like that a bit of a stretch.

We do also have to point out that it is a solid product. There are quite many HGH releasers on the market. Some are good, and some are not so good. In this HyperGH14X review, I am pleased to point out this product is one of the better ones.

No, it is not the absolute perfect HGH releaser, but it is a good one.

HyperGH 14X for Bodybuilders

The publicity for HyperGH14X lists it as being a product created for bodybuilders. This releaser helps the body produce the human growth hormone naturally, thanks to the natural ingredients found in pills.

The main benefits of this supplement would be its ability to boost lean muscle mass and diminish body fat. Clearly, those are two huge benefits any bodybuilder will look for in a supplement.


There is, however, much more to using HyperGH14X than just leaning out and packing on muscle mass.

As we get older, our body stops releasing HGH to the degree it had in the past. A ripple effect of woes comes from this.

Lower mental alertness, a weakened immune system, and even reduced sex drive can result.

Once you start using a good releaser, you may be able to reserve some of these problems naturally.

In this HyperGH14X review, we do want to highlight that this is indeed a very good natural releaser.

What The Amateur Bodybuilder Would Like To Hear

One of the top benefits of accessing this particular supplement is it eliminates the need for prescriptions and injections. Not many people are interested in pharmaceutical products if they just want to hit the gym and get in shape. A natural supplement such as this offers a viable alternative.

The Unique Dosing System

One of the major benefits of this particular HGH releaser is that it comes in a dropper bottle. Since HyperGH 14X does not employ a capsule method to deliver its ingredient stack, the stack can absorb much quicker into the metabolism.

The suggestion here by the manufacturer is to use the product twice per day. The first dose is intended to bring about a larger Exercise-Induced Growth Hormone Response (EIGR). The second dose enhances circadian rhythm, which promotes deeper and more restful sleep.

Deeper sleep contributes to better recovery times. Once again, these are all huge benefits to someone who wishes to hit the gym and pack on lean muscle mass. Sometimes the ability of this product to help in other areas of enhanced HGH is lost in the averageHyperGH14X review, but I do want to say this is unfortunate.

The product can help in several ways. Any means of boosting HGH levels will have a positive impact on the functions of the body.

A Strong Ingredient Stack

Even a cursory glance at the ingredient stack shows it is a solid one and unique. 930 mg of 15 potent HGH precursors contribute to the anti-aging benefits of this releaser. The value of the special proprietary stack contributes incredibly to this releaser being as effective as it is.

All the known HGH precursors are present and accounted for in this stack. Those using the supplement never have to feel they are being shorted. The major ingredients included in the stack are all the various” L-” supplements such as:

  • Lysine
  • Arginine
  • Glycine
  • Glutamine
  • Astragalus root
  • Deer antler velvet
  • GABA
  • And GTF chromium further rounds out the ingredients in this brilliant supplement.


  1. Great Ingredient Stack
  2. Perfect For Bodybuilders
  3. Huge Selection Of Bonuses
  4. No Side Effects


  1. It may be too bodybuilder centric
  2. No bulk discounts


Do you want a great physique and all the anti-aging benefits you could muster? If so, then you will want to look a lot closer at what HyperGH 14X has to offer.


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