A Skinny Guy’s Guide to Building Upper Body Muscle and Strength FAST

Are you a skinny guy who wants to build upper body muscle and strength? Are struggling to develop your upper body fast in order to get ready for the summer? Have you experienced the disappointment of seeing no difference in your body despite all the steps you’re taking to build muscle?

Can you relate to this story?

Every year you commit to getting into shape and building the body you’ve always wanted.

You know, the one that gets the ladies’ attention and has all your buddies jealous wondering what the hell you’re doing to add all the muscle that they can’t.

So you start out strong and consistent. You’re working steadily for a couple of weeks, but after giving it all you have, pushing your body at the gym day after day, slamming so much protein you gag on the thought of eating another protein bar or piece of chicken, you find that nothing has changed — no new muscle and if anything a little more fat. Your focus and determination get weaker. You don’t see results, and eventually, you give in to the idea that it’s just not working and you give up.

With so many options, it’s tough to know where to turn for solid muscle-building advice. But one thing is for sure: if you want to build your upper body, especially if you’re a “skinny guy,” it’s vital that you get the right information that’s designed just for you and your body type.

Using an ineffective, unproven routine, such as the ones you see in magazines articles is simply holding you prisoner in that same scrawny body you’ve always had.

Let me ask this question point-blank. Do you want bigger biceps, pecs, delts, lats?

You want to build all the muscle in your entire upper body, right?

Picture yourself, when you take your shirt off this summer, and all you can see is a bare chest with bulging pecs, huge biceps, six-pack abs, poppin’ delts, and the flexed lats that give a perfect V-shape, now that’s hot!

And you know your buddies and the other “hard gainers” are going be green with envy when you’re rockin’ that look.

Now the big question is, what do you do to get there?

Well, here’s the truth. You can build upper body muscle and strength regardless of “skinny man” genes and the information on this site is going to get you there. Here you’ll learn the best way to build upper body muscle and strength, even with “skinny man” genes. You’ll get the honest truth about the exercises, supplementation, nutrition, and more that will help you to build upper body muscle fast.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you too; there’s a lot of useful information on this site that will do more than get you started.

But I can’t put everything down on this page so yes, I’m also going to refer you to a program that I completely believe in and that I know will take you the rest of the way.

Just think how great it would be to take off your shirt at the beach or poolside this summer with that upper body muscle that you’ve always imagined.

Well, it’s time to stop reading and start taking action. Effective action that is going to help you build muscle.

Dive on into the information below to get your answers and have the body you’ve always wanted in plenty of time for this summer!

What is The Biggest Roadblock in Your Efforts to Build Upper Body Muscle?

Why Can’t I Increase Muscle Size?

Before we get started, tell me what you think.

You’ve tried to get that perfect body, the look that all the girls love. You’re frustrated because, despite all your efforts, the perfect upper body build seems to be forever out of your reach. You’re not alone in that struggle. Moreover, you may find that you’re not the only one experiencing that same challenge.

Together, we’ll get you started on the road to building upper body strength and muscle.

What are the Steps Necessary to Build Upper Body Muscle Fast?

Before getting into specific muscle-building topics, there are three fundamental ingredients in achieving the results you want when you build upper body muscle. And these ingredients are critical to attaining muscle-building results. Skip one of these ingredients, and you will never get out of the starting blocks to build any muscle.

3 Key Ingredients to Achieve Results

The three keys to your success are:

Mental Attitude

Keep in mind your goal in order to help you stay focused, committed, diligent, and persistent. Work hard, work smart, and never give up! This same mindset applies when you’re working in the gym. Guys, it’s not social hour…at least not if you’re trying to build muscle.

When you’re in the gym, you need to keep your mind on your workout, follow the rules to exercising when it comes to rest periods between sets, smart lifting, and be consistent with it.

Eating Right

Your nutrition is the second biggest piece of the puzzle. Cut down of high-fat foods, don’t overdo the protein, (yes you can consume too much protein), and add extra calories in the form of complex carbs to your daily diet.

Protein doesn’t build muscle, but post-workout yes. It helps to refuel and restore muscle fiber.

But when it comes to the energy, you need to do the weight work in the gym, that my friend is coming from your complex carbs.

Exercising CORRECTLY

If you want real success from your effort to build upper body muscle fast, you have to consistently perform the right exercises at the right intensity, always keeping in mind proper form. And despite what you may have heard, that even includes cardio.

Look, I’ve have seen it time and time again. You go in the gym sloppily pushing up the weight and throwing it down. Your muscles aren’t getting any work that way. In fact, they are just laying back and playing it cool because they know, heck momentum is doing the job, so they don’t have to. You’re cheating yourself out of results that way!

But, it’s up to you. If you want to spend your time in the gym and not get any results or get little results in the longest time frame possible, then go for it because that’s up to you.

But, if you do want real results, follow these 3 steps to make sure you go from a gym zero to a gym hero and get the other gym rats’ attention.

Build Upper Body Strength and Muscle – The Secret to BUILDING BIGGER BICEPS

AVOID the “no curl, bicep curl!” Don’t bend or extend at the hips. Use the bicep muscles solely to lift the weight.

Grab your weight.

Firmly plant your feet on the floor with a slight bend in your knees.

Lock your hips down and elbows to your side, (don’t move them).

Maintaining a tall, erect position, lift the weight.

Lower it to a count of the count.

Contract the tricep in order to get full extension of the bicep. Repeat for a rep count of 8.

(SIDE NOTE: you may have to lower your weight since now your doing the exercise right without cheating) Your biceps will feel this! Get ready for the pump.

What to Eat to Build Upper Body Muscle and Strength

You may not believe this, but when it comes to building upper body muscle and strength, your nutrition habits play an even bigger role than your workout, especially as a skinny man.

In fact, if you’re not applying the proper nutrition habits, after all your hard work on the weights, you could see little to no progress or actually be losing more muscle than your gaining.


It’s absolutely true, and there is science to back up that fact.

So my question is, are you eating correctly to build upper body muscle?

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